Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Thank you to all who signed the letter and sent the message that The Miami Herald should reinstate Jim DeFede. During the six days the letter was open, 528 journalists signed it, including about 200 current and former Herald professionals. The letter was overnight-mailed to Jesus Diaz and Tom Fiedler on August 3.

- PW and CS

Thursday, July 28, 2005

An open letter to Miami Herald Publisher Jesus Diaz and Executive Editor Tom Fiedler

July 28th, 2005

We are writing as journalists to express our sadness, distress and disappointment at the way the newspaper has treated Jim DeFede. He has been an important face of the newspaper in a community that has embraced him. Jim represents the finest journalism values: inquisitiveness, commitment to community, and determination to hold figures in power accountable for their actions. We believe firing him was an overreaction to an offense that should be viewed in the context of an intense, immediate episode during which he had little time to consider his actions.

Further, we are concerned that Jim’s willingness in the past to offend powerful figures in Miami and, at times, his own employers, may have contributed to the hasty decision to fire him. We believe that Jim’s determination to be a voice for the poor and powerless in Miami makes him an asset to the community and to The Herald, even if his words may at times make some people uncomfortable.

Jim’s actions may not even have been a technical violation of the law upon closer examination, and whether or not it was an ethical violation is questionable, given the extreme circumstances. But in any case he came forward on his own and has admitted his mistake. The Herald should do likewise and take him back.


1. Peter Wallsten
Los Angeles Times (Miami Herald alum)

2. Charlie Savage
Boston Globe (Miami Herald alum)

3. Daniel de Vise
Washington Post (Miami Herald alum)

4. Derek Willis
Washington Post

5. Anne Bartlett
Washington Post (Miami Herald alum)

6. Robert Meyerowitz, Editor
Anchorage Press

7. Karen Branch-Brioso
(Miami Herald alum)

8. Corey Friedman
New Bern (N.C.) Sun Journal

9. Kevin Vaughan
Rocky Mountain News

10. Tom Grubisich
Santa Monica
screenwriter, ex-Washington Post reporter/editor

11. Todd Hartman
Rocky Mountain News (Miami Herald alum)

12. Tom Hamburger
Los Angeles Times

13. Joseph Tanfani
Philadelphia Inquirer (Miami Herald alum)

14. Johnny Diaz
Boston Globe (Miami Herald alum)

15. Gilbert B. Dunkley
Washington Post (Miami Herald alum)

16. Tristram Korten
Miami New Times

17. Elinor J. Brecher
Miami Herald

18. Joe Modzelewski
Miami Herald copy editor

19. Edmund Newton
New Times Broward Palm Beach

20. Benjamin Weyl
Los Angeles Times

21. A.L. Bardach
Director, The Media Project
Center for Film, TV, & New Media
Univ. of California Santa Barbara

22. Kathleen Cooper
(Tacoma, WA) News Tribune (Miami Herald alum)

23. Jim Camden
(Spokane, WA) Spokesman-Review

24. Kevin Graman

25. Gwen Florio
Rocky Mountain News
(Knight-Ridder alum)

26. John Mecklin
SF Weekly editor

27. Dan Mitchell

28. Ben Eason
Creative Loafing president and CEO

29. Dave Barry
Miami Herald columnist on hiatus

30. Frances Robles
Miami Herald

31. Michelle Kaufman
Miami Herald sportswriter

32. Steven Dudley
Miami Herald Bureau Chief of the Andean Region

33. Ronnie Greene
Miami Herald

34. Linda Robertson
Miami Herald

35. Andres Viglucci
Miami Herald

36. Craig Stanke
CBS SportsLine (Miami Herald alum)

37. Nancy Klingener
Key West Citizen (Miami Herald alum)

38. Gene Weingarten
Washington Post columnist (Miami Herald alum)

39. Oscar Díaz López
Rumbo News Editor (El Nuevo Herald alum)

40. Mike Hendricks
Kansas City Star columnist

41. Nicholas Spangler
Miami Herald

42. Jordan Levin
Miami Herald

43. Lance Williams
San Francisco Chronicle

44. Leonard Pitts, Jr.
Miami Herald

45. Allison Klein
Washington Post (Miami Herald alum)

46. Patrick Ogle
Miami Herald

47. Diedtra Henderson
Boston Globe (Miami Herald alum)

48. Leslie Plesser
Minneapolis Star-Tribune (Miami Herald alum)

49. Judi Smith
Miami Herald assistant to Dave Barry

50. Geoff Dougherty
Chicago Tribune (Miami Herald alum)

51. Alejandro Armengol
El Nuevo Herald

52. Charles Jaco
KTVI-TV St. Louis (ex-CNN Miami)

53. Rui Ferreira
El Nuevo Herald

54. Jack Cheevers
(Los Angeles Times, New Times Los Angeles, and SF Weekly

55. Jennifer Santiago
CBS4/UPN 33 Miami Anchor/Reporter (Miami Herald freelance writer)

56. Penny McCrea
Miami Herald

57. Joel Elliott
The Seattle Times/Blethen Maine Newspapers

58. Kathryn W. Thompson
(NewsPress of Stillwater, Oklahoma, alum)

59. Bill Cooke
Miami Beach
Freelance photojournalist

60. John Parkhurst
Miami Herald

61. Lesley Clark
Miami Herald

62. Bill Coppinger
Miami Herald

63. Tracey Kaplan
San Jose Mercury News staff writer

64. Wendy Contos
Metro Copy Desk
Philadelphia Inquirer

65. Rob Wieman
(Tacoma, Wash.) News Tribune (Miami Herald alum)

66. David Villano
Miami-based freelancer

67. Bob Norman
New Times Broward*Palm Beach

68. Cary Darling
Star-Telegram (Miami Herald alum)

69. Sabrina L. Miller
Freelancer (Miami Herald alum)

70. Andrea Robinson
Miami Herald

71. Matthew Eandi
University of Miami
School of Communication

72. Jared Lazarus
Miami Herald photographer

73. David Neal
Miami Herald

74. Ann O'Neill
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

75. Gaspar Gonzalez
Boca Raton Magazine managing editor (former associate editor, Street Weekly)

76. Mike Baxter
Retired Miami Herald deputy managing editor

77. Jere Warren
Miami Herald, retired

78. Emilio Yahni
Semanario Latinoamericano

79. Robertson G. Adams
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (Miami Herald alum)

80. Glenn Albin
Ocean Drive Magazine Editor in Chief

81. Beth Dunlop
Miami-based freelancer (Miami Herald alum)

82. Donna Pazdera
University of Texas-Pan American journalism instructor (Sun-Sentinel alum)

83. James McNair
Cincinnati Enquirer (Miami Herald alum)

84. Anne Tschida
Writer (Miami New Times alum)

85. Lilly Echeverria
Miami Herald Staff Photographer

86. Andrea Elliott
New York Times (Miami Herald alum)

87. Dan Keating
Washington Post (Miami Herald alum)

88. Neil Plakcy
Hollywood-based freelancer

89. David Zeman
Detroit Free Press (Miami Herald alum)

90. Joe Shea
The American Reporter Editor-in-Chief

91. Mark Sell
Miami Herald alum (assistant business editor, 1984-87)

92. Brant Long
Coral Gables Gazette Sports Editor

93. Jason Zappe
Des Moines Register (Miami Herald alum)

94. John Marvel
ESPN New Media Vice President/Editor-at-Large

95. Mary K. Sullivan
Dr. Michael Krop High newspaper adviser

96. Hal Habib
Palm Beach Post (Miami Herald alum)

97. Franklin Einspruch (Miami New Times contributor, Street Weekly alum)

98. Adrian Walker
Boston Globe metro columnist

99. David Ovalle
Miami Herald

100. Sara Olkon
Miami Herald

101. Thomas Croom
PEER Review Blog

102. Rene Rodriguez
Miami Herald

103. Humberto Guida
Ocean Drive Magazine (Miami New Times alum & Miami Herald intern/alum)

104. Mandy Bolen
Key West Citizen

105. Cara Buckley
The Miami Herald

106. Kent D. Johnson
Photo Assignment editor
Atlanta Journal Constitution

107. Jenny Staletovich

108. Michel Dupagne
Associate Professor
School of Communication
University of Miami

109. Ron B Wilson
Freelance Photojournalist

110. Louis Trager
Miami Herald alum

111. Desonta Holder
Assistant Health Editor
Miami Herald

112. Nicole White
Miami Herald

113. Noah Bierman
Miami Herald

114. Paul Schreiber
Newsday, retired (Miami Herald alum)

115. Tom Tuell, Editor
Key West Citizen (Knight-Ridder alum)

116. Wyatt Olson, Writer
New Times-Broward Palm Beach

117. Dianne Lamb
journalism teacher and
chair, English/Journalism Department, Broward Community College, South Campus

118. Jeannette Rivera-Lyles
The Herald, Broward bureau

119. Scott L. Price
Sports Illustrated (Miami Herald alum)

120. Mark Vierthaler
Dodge City Daily Globe

121. Mary Damiano
Freelance journalist based in South Florida

122. Eliseo Cardona
El Sentinel - The Sun-Sentinel (El Nuevo Herald alum)

123. Mary Murray
NBC News

124. Arnold Markowitz
Miami Herald alum

125. Wanda J. DeMarzo
Miami Herald

126. Marcia Chambers
New York Times alum

127. Griff Witte
Washington Post (Miami Herald alum)

128. Eileen Soler
Freelance writer/photographer

129. Lisa Cilli
WFOR-CBS4 Producer

130. Marjie Lambert
Miami Herald

131. Peggy Rogers
Freelancer (Miami Herald alum)

132. Eli Lopez
Miami Herald

133. Monika Leal
Miami Herald research editor

134. Susan Harrigan
Newsday (Miami Herald alum)

135. Eric Torbenson
Dallas Morning News

136. Joanne Rice Coltrain
WLVE Radio Miami (former news director)

137. Edmundo Garcia
Univision 23-Miami

138. Glenn Henderson
Palm Beach Post (Miami Herald alum)

139. Milt Priggee
political cartoonist

140. Joe Ruiz
University Star managing editor
Texas State University-San Marcos

141. Connie Ogle
Miami Herald book editor

142. Omar Sommereyns
Miami Sun Post (Street Miami alum)

143. Howard Cohen
Miami Herald

144. Fiorella R. Sarmiento
Miami Herald

145. Nikki Waller
Miami Herald

146. Peter Klein
CBS News 60 Minutes producer

147. Shaune' Hayes
Washington Post

148. Edie Gross
Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, Va.

149. Alfredo Triff
Miami New Times

150. Lucy Morgan
Tallahassee Bureau Chief/Associate Editor
St. Petersburg Times

151. Chelsea Greenwood
Boca Raton magazine

152. Brian E. Crowley
Palm Beach Post

153. Jean Scheidnes
Style Reporter/Columnist
Austin American-Statesman

154. Larry Dorman
Miami Herald alum

155. Dan Webster
The Spokesman-Review

156. Joshuah Bearman
LA Weekly Editor

157. Saul Landau,Director Digital Media
College of Letters Arts and Social Sciences,
California State Polytechnic University , Pomona

158. Erika Bolstad
Miami Herald

159. Emma Trelles
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Miami Herald alum)

160. Rick Klein
Boston Globe

161. Mike Fowler, publisher
Naples Record & Honeoye Herald

162. Marie Speed
Boca Raton Magazine editor

163. Warren Vieth
Los Angeles Times

164. Jason Jeffers
Miami Herald

165. Audra D.S. Burch
Miami Herald

166. Mary Murray
NBC News

167. Rebecca Kennedy
former Miami New Times editorial assistant

168. Don Van Natta Jr.
New York Times (Miami Herald alum)

169. Leslie Casimir
New York Daily News (Miami Herald alum)

170. John Sugg
Creative Loafing/Weekly Planet Newspapers.
Miami Herald alum

171. Jim Savage
Miami Herald (retired)

172. Dan LeBatard
Miami Herald

173. Michael Kranish
Boston Globe (Miami Herald alum)

174. Mike Stocker
South Florida Sun-Sentinel photojournalist (Miami Herald alum)

175. Noelle Theard
Freelance photojournalist

176. Georgina Cárdenas Pruszynski News Producer

177. George Richards
Miami Herald sports dept.

178. Diana Moskovitz
Miami Herald

179. Monica Ingram
Florida Times-Union
(formerly at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

180. Fernando Gonzalez
JAZZIZ magazine, managing editor
(Miami Herald alum)

181. Carol Carter
Freelance writer
Blue Ridge, Georgia

182. Martin McReynolds
Herald alum 1982-2000

183. Jennifer Osorio
Former online editor/producer, Miami New Times and South Florida Sun-Sentinel

184. Andy Mead
Lexington Herald-Leader

185. Alvaro F. Fernandez, Editor
Progreso Weekly
Progreso Semanal

186. Candice T. Gulley
New Times Broward*Palm Beach editorial administrator

187. Brooke Binkowski
KNX-Los Angeles and former CNN (Atlanta) radio anchor

188. Neil Skene
Attorney, St. Petersburg Times alum

189. Lori Horvitz (Orlando Sentinel alum)
journalism teacher
University School of Nova Southeastern University in Davie

190. Don Canaan (Swerdlow)
Formerly The American Israelite (Cincinnati) and NBC News, NY
The Villages, FL

191. Frank Davies
Miami Herald

192. Laura Lorek
Senior Writer
San Antonio Express News

193. Trevor Aaronson
New Times Broward-Palm Beach

194. Danny Westneat
Seattle Times columnist

195. Martin Dyckman
Associate Editor and Columnist
The St. Petersburg Times

196. Jake Bernstein
The Texas Observer, Executive Editor
Former Miami New Times reporter

197. Mario Tarradell
The Dallas Morning News (Miami Herald alum)

198. Sanford J. Smoller
Pembroke Magazine contributing editor

199. Merry Sue Smoller
Freelancer Writer

200. Adrianne Burnikel
Freelance Photographer

201. Thomas Burnikel

202. Walter Lippmann, CubaNews
Los Angeles, California

203. Robert Rivas
Tallahassee lawyer (Miami Herald alum)

204. Jim Morin
Miami Herald editorial cartoonist

205. Sam Eifling
New Times Broward-Palm Beach

206. Francisco Alvarado
Miami New Times

207. Anne Windishar
Spokesman-Review alum

208. Ryan Bakken, columnist
Grand Forks Herald

209. Joaquim Utset
El Nuevo Herald

210. Kris Conesa
Writer, Miami New Times

211. Jane Daugherty
Palm Beach Post (Miami Herald alum)

212. Forrest Norman
Miami New Times

213. Ron Hayes
Palm Beach Post

214. Stephen Lee
Grand Forks (ND) Herald

215. Cara DeGette
Colorado Springs Independent editor

216. Karen Herzog
State Journalism teacher, (1998)
journalism teacher

217. Kenn Finkel
Miami Herald alum

218. Steve Doig
Knight Chair in Journalism, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, Arizona State University
(Miami Herald alum)

219. Lisa Barr
Visiting Assistant Professor in Mass Communication Media Arts, specializing in
media law, at Southern Illinois University Carbondale
(and NPR alum)

220. Tomas Cabal
TV journalist, Panama

221. Tom Spalding,
Indianapolis Star

222. Maureen Magee
(reader of the Miami Herald and former editor of the Doral Estates Community Newsletter)

223. Mary Davis Fournier
Miami New Times alum

224. Louis Aguilar
Detroit News

225. Robert Nolin
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

226. Alan Skolnick
Miami Herald

227. Anya McCoy
Freelance Journalist

228. Judy Battista
New York Times (Miami Herald alum)

229. Steve Rhodes
Freelance journalist

230. Teresa Simón-Noble
Freelance Writer

231. Tom Miller
Author and free-lancer in Tucson, Ariz.

232. Peter Benjaminson
Freelance writer
Knight Ridder Newspapers alum

233. Jeff Riggenbach
Former editorial writer at Oakland Tribune and former editorial writer and columnist for the Orange County Register

234. John Futch
Long Beach (Calif.) Press-Telegram

235. Romann M. Weber
Miami Herald alum
Los Angeles, CA

236. Gregory Richards
Florida Times-Union

237. Michael Rabkin
New York Post (Miami Herald alum)

238. Jose Antonio Evora
El Nuevo Herald

239. Gina Carroll
Ink with Impact (Miami Herald and Bradenton Herald alum)

240. Lisa Simundson

241. Colleen Kelly
Minneapolis Star Tribune (Miami Herald alum)

242. Bill Vance
KR Washburo alum

243. Bonnie Britt
Book Editor
Former daily newspaper reporter

244. Joe Mozingo
Miami Herald

245. Tracy Fields
El Portal, FL-based wordsmith, radio host, teacher

246. Maya Bell
Orlando Sentinel Miami Bureau

247. Scott Hiaasen
Miami Herald

248. Rod Proctor
Palm Beach Post

249. Jorge Bravo
Miami Herald

250. Steve Satterwhite
Miami New Times and Street Miami alum

251. P. J. Corkery
San Francisco Examiner columnist

252. Mia Leonin
Miami New Times alum

253. Orlando Alomá
El Nuevo Herald/The Miami Herald (retired)

254. Will D. Jarrett
Former executive editor, Denver Post and Dallas Times Herald
Former ME, Philadelphia Inquirer
Founder and co-owner of Westward Communications (holding company of a group of 42 small newspapers in Southwest)
Former editor, Tropic Magazine

255. Lisa Arthur
Miami Herald

256. Ellis Berger
Former Miami News & Sun-Sentinel reporter

257. Brian C. Jones
Freelance contributor to the Providence Phoenix, former Providence Journal reporter

258. T.J. Quinn
New York Daily News

259. Alexis Urbani
El Mercurio, CHILE (retired)

260. Susannah Bryan
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

261. Sean Mussenden
Media General newspapers DC bureau (Orlando Sentinel alum)

262. Brian Wallstin
University of Missouri School of Journalism assistant professor

263. Scott Stephens
Cleveland Plain Dealer and Region 3 VP - The Newspaper Guild/CWA

264. Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik
Miami New Times assistant calendar editor

265. Diane Roberts
St. Petersburg Times columnist/former editorial writer
Commentator, NPR and BBC

266. David Honig
Executive Director, Minority Media and Telecommunications Council;
Chair, Communications Committee, and General Counsel, Miami-Dade Branch, NAACP (1989-1998).

267. Luiza Ch. Savage
Maclean's magazine

268. Cindy Seip
Miami Herald

269. Al Diaz
Miami Herald photojournalist

270. Carl Hiaasen
Miami Herald columnist

271. Maggie Steber
Freelance photographer (former Miami Herald assistant managing editor for photography and features)

272. Edward A. Carhart, Esquire
St. Petersburg Times alum and recipient of the Poynter Fund Scholarship

273. Peter Nicholas
Los Angeles Times (Knight Ridder alum)

274. Clea Benson
Sacramento Bee (Knight Ridder alum)

275. Ramón A. Mestre
Tele Miami
Columnist, El Nuevo Herald (Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald alum, 11 years)

276. Henry Lowenstein
Freelance writer and Blue Book Publications staff

277. Jason Cole
Miami Herald Dolphins beat writer

278. Omar Perez
Onetime Herald freelancer; Orlando Weekly freelancer

279. Jerry Capeci and New York Sun

280. Mark Hedden
Key West Citizen columnist (Miami Herald alum-in-law)

281. Connie Knox
Baltimore Sun and Region 2 VP, The Newspaper Guild-CWA

282. Marc Fisher
Washington Post (Miami Herald alum)

283. Shari Rudavsky
Indianapolis Star (Miami Herald alum)

284. Joann Biondi
Freelancer (Miami Herald alum)

285. Glenda Wolin
San Antonio Express-News night metro editor (Miami Herald alum)
Glenda says: "I'm sure John would be signing it, too, if he were still with us."

286. Dave Hyde

287. Clark Spencer
Miami Herald

288. Mary Lou Smart
Naples, FL-based freelance writer

290. Ray Fisher
Miami Herald alumn (former picture editor)

291. Omero Ciai
La Repubblica (Italy) Latin American Correspondent

292. Andy Taylor
ex-Herald, ex-UPI

293. Elaine Sung
ESPN, Bristol, Conn. (Miami Herald alum)

294. Alan D. Mutter
Managing Partner - Tapit Partners
Former San Francisco Chronicle No. 2 editor/former Chicago Sun-Times city editor

295. Greg Cote
Miami Herald sports columnist

296. Barry Horn
Dallas Morning News (Miami Herald Alum)

297. John Lang
NBC 6 Miami photojournalist

298. George Diaz
Olando Sentinel Senior Sports Writer (Miami Herald Alum)

299. Edna Buchanan
Novelist, Pulitzer Prize winner, Miami Herald Alum

300. Draeger Martinez
Los Angeles Daily Journal (Miami Herald alum)

301. Juan Tamayo
Miami Herald

302. Maria Isabel Swann senior editor

303. Jennifer Babson
Miami Herald

304. Kirk Semple
New York Times
(former Miami New Times staff writer)

305. Sue Cocking
Miami Herald outdoors writer

306. Lynne Sladky
Miami-based Associated Press staff photographer

307. Gretchen Schmidt
Miami-based editor and freelancer (Former Tropic freelancer)

308. Sallie Hughes,
University of Miami School of Communication assistant professor

309. Tom Carter
Washington Times

310. Jorge Maltrain Macho
Journalist, Revista Triunfo (Chile)

311. Nancy San Martin
Miami Herald

312. Juan Carlos Vallejo
Producer and Host "Magazin of The World" Channel 15 Vermont
Author and lecturer member of National Writers Union

313. Anabelle de Gale
Miami Herald alum

314. Lynne Helm
Freelance travel writer

315. Drew Loftis
New York Post

316. Paula Schleis
reporter, Akron (OH) Beacon Journal

317. Steve Harelson
Former Journalist, Present Transportation Engineer

318. Dave Blezow
New York Post

319. Kathie Klarreich
Freelance Journalist

320. Lourdes Del Rio
Univision Network News

321. Bill Wisser
(Pittsburgh Press, St. Pete Times, and Sarasota Herald-Tribune alum)

322. Mercedes Lynn de Uriarte, PhD
Associate Professor, School of Journalism
University of Texas at Austin
Former assistant editor, Los Angeles Times opinion section

323. Sean Rowe
Miami Herald alum

324. Shari Gherman
Former New Times Broward/Palm Beach advertising director

325. Michael Malone
Media Specialst EFE News Services (Miami Herald alum)

326. Aliza Marcus
Germany-based freelancer for Boston Globe and others

327. Susan Pierres,
Freelance writer/photographer

328. Jeff Rusnak
Freelance writer
(Sun-Sentinel soccer and comedy columnist, City Link magazine contributing writer)

329. Jennie Zeiner
freelance photographer in NYC (Miami Herald freelance "alum")

330. Bill D. Green
Managing Editor, The Weekly News - Miami

331. Derek Reveron
freelancer and former Herald reporter (1987-1992)

332. Julie Mason
Houston Chronicle

333. Art Grace
Miami News alumnus

334. Robin Abcarian
Los Angeles Times

335. Ron Levitt
President, South Florida Int. Press Club

336. Penny Lambeth
PR Consultant and contributing editor to various publications

337. Jess Walter
Novelist and freelancer

338. Jessica Sick
Ego Miami magazine managing editor and freelance writer (Street Weekly alum)

339. Cammy Clark
Miami Herald

340. Tim Golden
New York Times (Miami Herald alum)

341. James Gordon Meek
New York Daily News (Washington correspondent)

342. Antonio Bermúdez Salvetti
Miami Herald

343. Mary Ann Esquivel-Gibbs
Miami Herald alum

344. Teri Arvesu

345. Kenneth Bazinet
New York Daily News

346. Lisa Bolivar
Freelancer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel ( NYTRNG alum and WSKY 97.3 FM News Director alum)

347. Iris Guzman
WPTV (NBC) West Palm Beach
(Miami Herald alum)

348. Dave Boling
Tacoma (Wash.) News Tribune

349. Felix Cortes
MILENIO, daily
Mexico City, México

350. Danilo Caballero
Journalist from Panama

351. Sara Churchville
Freelance writer, Miami Beach, FL

352. Jen Karetnck
Freelance writer, ex-Miami New Times

353. Max J. Castro
columnist,; special correspondent, Sun-Sentinel (ex Nuevo Herald and Miami Herald)

354. Paul Levine
Novelist, Screenwriter, Miami Herald alum

355. Sam Jacobs
Miami Herald

356. David Nickell
Miami Herald copy editor

357. Tence Wolfe
Freelance writer, Miami

358. Julius Karash
Kansas City Star

359. Marcia Levin
Freelance Writer
Society of American Travel Writers immediate past president

360. Lauri Lee A. Claxton
Tennessee Star Journal
Pigeon Forge, TN

361. Annette Zimmerman Wells
Columnist, Redland Country News
Professor, Miami Dade College

362. Heather Hanley
Freelance writer (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico)

363. Jules Siegel
Freelance journalist

364. Renato Perez
Miami Herald translator

365. Robert Wallace
Wenner Books editor in chief

366. Angel Valentin
South Florida Sun-Sentinel photographer (Miami Herald alum)

367. David Waters
(Memphis) Commercial Appeal columnist

368. Oscar J. Serrano
Puerto Rico Journalists Association president-elect

369. Tom Shroder
Washington Post Magazine editor (Miami Herald alum)

370. Joe Chudicek
(Pittsburgh) Tribune-Review Publishing Co. ME/Multimedia (Miami Herald alum)

371. Adriana Carrera
Independent journalist and former editor of Tiempos del Mundo in Miami

372. Mark Scheinbaum
UPI alum (Miami & New York)

373. Linda Raiteri
Freelance writer, Memphis, TN

374. Michael C. Browning
Palm Beach Post (Herald alum)

375. Nina Rao
Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader

376. Michael Kern
Miami Herald

377. Ted B. Kissell
Los Angeles Times (Miami New Times alum)

378. Mary Grace Dembeck

379. Chelsea Solmo
Key West Citizen

380. Angela Hill

381. Blair Fischer
AOL CityGuide editor

382. Chuck Rabin
Miami Herald

383. Pedro Gonzalez Munni director (Miami)

384. Sam Nitze
Miami Herald

385. Mitch Lipka
Philadelphia Inquirer

386. Hiram Henriquez
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Miami herald alum)

387. Mark Elias
Freelance Photojournalist/Writer, West Palm Beach
Ex-AP Staff Photographer

388. Jason Vest
The American Prospect
(former Miami New Times staff writer)

389. Ana Menendez
The Miami Herald

390. Eric Engberg
CBS News correspondent (Retired)

391. John Fontana
Senior Editor
Network World Magazine

392. Alan Prince
university lecturer (and Herald alum)

393. Max Lesnik
Editor of Radio/Miami

394. Cesar G. Soriano

395. Jane Mercer Kitchen
editor, Kids Today magazine
Miami New Times alum

396. Mary Dempsey
WorldCity Business magazine
(and member of the National Writers Union)

397. Leigh Dethman
(Salt Lake City) Deseret Morning News military reporter

398. Steve Lopez
Los Angeles Times columnist

399. Ceci Connolly
Washington Post

400. Alejandra Matus
Author, freelance, El Nuevo Herald alum

401. Jo Werne
Freelance Writer, Miami Herald (retired)

402. Adelaide R Snyder
Youngstown Vindicator (alum)

403. Sam Cook
The News-Press
Fort Myers

404. Pete Skiba
The News-Press

405. Collene Curran
Communications Director
Denver Newspaper Guild

406. Marc Lifsher
Business Writer
Los Angeles Times

407. Noreen Marcus
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
(Herald alum)

408. Bob Weinberg
City Link magazine

409. Margaria Fichtner
Miami Herald

410. Dexter Filkins
The New York Times (Miami Herald alum)

411. John Welbes
St. Paul Pioneer Press
(business reporter)

412. Shane Brown
The Moline Dispatch / Rock Island Argus
Moline / Rock Island, Illinois

413. Tim Chapman
Miami Herald Staff Photographer

414. Thomas Edsall
Washington Post

415. Chuck Stone
Walter Spearman Professor
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Founding President
National Association of Black Journalists

416. Cindy Rodriguez
Denver Post columnist
General At-Large Officer, The National Association of Hispanic Journalists

417. Lisa Getter
Miami Herald alum

418. John McCaslin
Washington Times columnist

419. Shawn Vestal, reporter
Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Wash.

420. Sean Harder
Savannah Morning News

421. Catherine Hayes Janis
BS Journalism UF'83

422. Maria Travierso
El Sentinel senior reporter

423. Victor Cruz
LOFT magazine insider editor

424. April Witt
Washington Post (Miami Herald alum)

425. Christine Tague
Former copy editor, Miami New Times

426. David Whelan
Forbes magazine (Knight Ridder alum-Contra Costa Times)

427. R.M. Arrieta
San Francisco Bay Area-based freelance journalist

428. Gene Roman
NYC-based feelance reporter

429. Larry Higgs
Courier News (Bridgewater, NJ)

430. Sandy Wesley
Former editorial writer, Boca Raton News

431. Rebecca Rosen Lum
Contra Costa Times (California)

432. Charles Laszewski
St. Paul Pioneer Press

433. Tony Borelli
Freelance writer
Formerly Daily Record (Morris County, NJ) and New Jersey Herald

434. Elizabeth Baier
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Miami Herald alum)

435. Ross Johnson
Los Angeles-based freelancer

436. Steve Malagodi

437. Lee Klein
Miami New Times restaurant reviewer

438. Walker Lundy
retired editor of three Knight-Ridder newspapers: Tallahassee Democrat, St. Paul Pioneer-Press, Philadelphia Inquirer

439. Gigi Lehman
Freelance writer and editor

440. Zita Arocha
Senior lecturer, University of Texas at El Paso (Miami Herald alum)

441. Neil Reisner
Associate Professor, Florida International University School of
Journalism/Mass Communication (Miami Herald alum)

442. Erik Hall
Freelance sports writer
Charleston, Illinois

443. Chris Willman
Entertainment Weekly
Los Angeles

444. Mark Krewatch
Journalism instructor, Marlborough School

445. Jim Magill
Associate editor for Gas Daily newsletter, a publication of McGraw-Hill Platts
President, SPJ Houston chapter

446. Mark Milstein
Managing Director
Budapest, Hungary

447. Bill Kirkland
Kirkland Newspapers, Inc.
Durham, N.C.

448. Carlos Vidal Ortiz
New York Post

449. Andy Alpers
Treasurer, Past President
South Florida International Press Club

450. Albor Ruiz
New York Daily News

451. Tonii Kelly,
Miami Herald

452. Marice Cohn Band
Miami Herald Staff Photographer

453. Luciano Garcia
Ex-reporter El Nuevo Herald / ex-reporter WSCV Channel 51, Miami

454. Theodore A. Gill, Jr.
World Council of Churches Publications and Research senior editor &
Ecumenical Review managing editor (Geneva, Switzerland)

455. Elizabeth F. Farrell
Chronicle of Higher Education

456. Lea Lane
Freelance writer/Miami and New York

457. Terry Lawson
Detroit Free Press
Film Critic/Columnist

458. Mary Jane Fine
Miami News alum & Knight Ridder alum

459. Bill Murphy
Houston Chronicle reporter

460. Dan Cordtz
(Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, ABC News correspondent,

461. Francisco G. Aruca
Director, Radio Progreso
Miami, FL

462. Robert Salladay
Los Angeles Times - Sacramento Bureau

463. Emilio Guerra news editor (El Nuevo Herald alum)

464. Andy Zipser
The Guild Reporter (formerly Phoenix New Times and Wall Street Journal, among others)

465. Hernan Maldonado
Ex UPI, ex El Nuevo Herald and ex CNN (retired)

466. Kymberli Hagelberg
Akron Beacon Journal

467. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
Senior Editor, Ziff Davis Internet
Chairman, Internet Press Guild

468. Jim Ewing
The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS)

469. Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar
Los Angeles Times (Herald alum)

470. Evelyn McDonnell
Miami Herald

471. Pat Wade
Redland Country News chief coordinator

472. Mauricio H. Maldonado
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Miami Herald alum)

473. Lisa Nadile
Boston-based freelance journalist

474. Rene Rodriguez Soriano columnist and writer

475. Hamilton Nolan
PRWeek Magazine

476. Jim Belshaw
Albuquerque Journal columnist

477. Mike Argento
(York, Pa.) Daily Record columnist
Vice president of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists

478. Mike Tierney
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

479. Sarah Langbein
Rocky Mountain News

480. Bob Laurence
San Diego Union-Tribune

481. Eduardo Morales
Palm Beach Post (Knight-Ridder alum)

482. Josh Meyer
Los Angeles Times

483. Sarah Koenig
Redmond Reporter

484. Deirdra Funcheon
New Times Broward - Palm Beach calendar editor

485. Vanessa Vazquez
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

486. Stuart Steers
Rocky Mountain News

487. Jennifer Mellichamp
Miami Herald

488. Ashley Fantz
Miami Herald

489. Andrea Billups
People magazine - Miami correspondent

490. Mark Hinson
Tallahassee Democrat columnist/senior writer

491. Spencer Hsu
Washington Post (Miami Herald alum)

492. Ubirajara Moreira da Silva Jr
Editor - Radiobras - Brazil

493. Rebecca Dellagloria
Miami Herald

494. Teresa Mears
Miami Herald

495. Bill Berlow
Tallahassee Democrat associate editor

496. Morris Malakoff
Kent (Wa.) Reporter editor

497. Roane Carey
The Nation

498. David Hanners
St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press

499. Helena Rodriguez
Freedom Newspapers of New Mexico columnist

500. Jack Dolan
Miami Herald

501. Heidi Carr
Miami Herald

502. Michele Salcedo
South Florida Sun-Sentinel assistant city editor

503. Amy Calder
(Waterville, Me.) Morning Sentinel

504. Stephanie Warsmith
Akron Beacon Journal, a fellow Knight-Ridder newspaper

505. Daisey Harris
Miami Herald

506. Brenda K. Harvey
Miami Herald

507. Matt Gross
New York-based freelancer

508. Ginelle G. Torres
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

509. Sheila Fyfe
Research consultant, Almanac of Florida Politics 1994

510. Lynda Gorov
Los Angeles-based freelance writer

511. Andy Parsons
Washington Post (Miami Herald alum)

512. Hilary Kraus
The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Wash.

513. Jorg Nowak
Univision Online

514. Fred Hanson
The Patriot Ledger
Quincy, MA

515. Mary Sutter
Miami Herald

516. Merwin Sigale
Miami Herald copy editor &
Miami Dade College senior associate professor of journalism

517. Dave Kelley
Austin, TX-based freelancer

518. Sean P. Means
Salt Lake Tribune movie critic

519. Gerald Posner
Author/investigative journalist

520. Lesley Phillips
Region One V.P.,The Newspaper Guild-CWA

521. Casey Woods
Miami Herald

522. Sharon Harvey Rosenberg
Freelancer with a regular column in the Miami Herald

523. Tom FitzGerald
San Francisco Chronicle sportswriter

524. Angela Dire
former reporter for the Colorado Springs Gazette

525. Ty Kennedy
WFOR - CBS4 / WBFS - UPN33 reporter
Viacom Television Stations - Miami

526. Alan Farago
Orlando Sentinel columnist

527. Jay Cheshes
New York-based freelancer

528. Eric Sorensen
Spokesman-Review alum